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ContinYou wants You to Contribute as a Writer!

ContinYou is a leading educational charity in the UK. As part of our efforts to reach a wider and more diverse audience through exciting content, we are interested in receiving guest posts from writers like you.

To work with us as a contributing guest post writer, it is not necessary that you possess any special qualifications or experience. As long as you are willing and believe you have the creativity and ability to create a post that people will want to read, you are welcome to make a submission. We are typically interested in original content that is compelling, engaging, and informative.

We can ensure your writing experience with us is a stimulating and satisfying one by helping you grow as a writer and attain new heights. This is possible thanks to the professional editors that are part of our staff and are available to provide you feedback on how you can make your work better and craft content like a seasoned professional.

Also, because ContinYou is a popular website that has thousands of visitors coming through on a regular basis, your writing will be made available to a global audience. This makes ContinYou a solid platform for you to boost your portfolio as a writer and also get recognition for your capability as a wordsmith.

If you have an idea or ideas for an interesting, instructive and constructive article that fits our website and you believe readers will love it, contact us today via phone or email.

We Welcome Experienced Writers too!

Our establishment is more than happy to receive submissions not just from unknown or budding writers, but also from experienced writers who would like to share a new concept or an exciting idea with the world. You are welcome to make a submission on a topic of your choice as long as it is in line with what ContinYou stands for. If you are an experienced writer and you are interested in introducing your work to a new category of readers and thus increase your followership, please contact us to make a submission.

What We are Looking For

To get a clear idea of the sort of write-ups we are interested in on ContinYou, we strongly recommend that you peruse our website and already published articles to familiarise yourself with the tone and subject matter that we prefer to share.

Also, because we avoid repetition, we do not accept articles that bear any semblance to anything we’ve previously published. Your post needs to be original and educational, and never before published on any platform. Also, to avoid plagiarism, use citations properly or your submission will not be accepted.

To make your write-up more entertaining, it’s recommended you add high quality images and credit them where necessary

Make your submission today!

Your submission can be anywhere between 500 and 1500 words, and it must be proofread and error-free upon submission. Also, attach a catchy title to make it more attractive.

If you are ready to submit, please forward your post via our email and we’ll get back to you. You can also call us on PHONEXXX to make any enquiries concerning your submission.

Fill out my online form.

Send us a short post of around 500 words, or, if the subject is particularly meaty, write a more in depth piece of up to 1,000 words.

Writing for the web

People read differently online. Here are a few practical tips you might want to consider:

  • Summarise early on. Start with the most important information, then provide additional details and examples to grab your readers’ attention before they lose interest.
  • Be direct. Use the active voice to make the message clear.
  • Use plain English and avoid jargon, acronyms and language that is overly technical or academic.
  • Use short words, sentences and paragraphs. Avoid overly-complicated sentences with multiple clauses and express one idea per paragraph.
  • Use bullets and numbered lists  – they are more inviting than a big chunk of text.
  • Use sub headings to break up the text and direct people to what they want to read.