Website improvements

Website improvements

Here at ContinYou we are planning to spend the next few weeks carrying out a thorough review of website content.

All content related to current work will be updated and condensed to bring you a much more streamlined and focused website. Information will be easier to locate, and navigation will become clearer and more user-friendly.

The design, style and functionality will not change, and the basic structure will remain the same.

Member areas and member login details will not be affected.

All content relating to old projects that ContinYou is no longer involved with will be archived. However, these projects will not be forgotten, and a new History area will be created under About us, which will outline the history of ContinYou and highlight previous projects and achievements.

Please email if you have any comments about the ContinYou website in general, the website review in particular, or are experiencing any difficulties with the website.

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