How To Transition Into Higher Education

Heading off to university is likely to be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, but most individuals will experience a range of emotions. The opportunity to move out of the family home and meet new friends is positive but being a student can be challenging. Venturing out on your own, studying, taking on more financial responsibility and thinking about the future can all give cause for concern, so it is important that new students give themselves the best chance of transitioning successfully into higher education.

Some tips on how to move into higher education include:

  • Speak to people who have made the transition previously
  • Read reviews of the available universities
  • Improve your cooking and domestic skills before you move away
  • Learn how to budget and manage your income
  • Look into activities or groups you will enjoy

Firstly, it makes sense to speak to people who have done what you are looking to do. This can give you true insight into what to expect, and if you can learn from other people’s mistakes or experiences, your experience should be more straightforward.


Read reviews of the universities

There are many different courses to study and there are many universities offering the courses. Some students will choose the university closest to home, but for anyone with a specific career goal or aim in mind there may be a better option further away. This means it is vital to read reviews of the available universities, to see what the courses are like, what the area is like and if there is a sense of community.

An option like Bolton University is suitable for many people due to its location in Greater Manchester. In addition, the university also offers a broad range of courses and is renowned for providing a friendly welcome. For students concerned about trying something new, this feature will help them settle in.

Going to university is also a great chance to develop life skills. Before you move, you should do more cooking and cleaning around the house, so you can do this work when you leave home. This is also the ideal time to focus on your budget and finances, as being a student can be a challenge with respect to managing money.

While the main point of going to university is education and obtaining qualifications, there is also a focus on the social aspect and developing as a person. While it is vital a student should set up study plans and focus on studying, they should also look to meet new people and try new things. This doesn’t necessarily mean a party every night but students should look to find social groups or activities that they enjoy. Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to search for local groups that may be of interest.

Going to university is likely to be one of the best times of your life, but there are many challenges associated with this step. This is why you should prepare in advance to increase your chances of settling in and enjoying the experience more.