Top 7 Rewarding Courses for Creative People

The common advice to young people when choosing a career is to study a course that syncs with their passion. Creative minds love jobs that allow them to express their individuality more by combining their university training with their natural skills. And there are tens of degree courses that suit such persons well.

With the dawn of the digital age, industries keep expanding and therefore opening up more opportunities for graduates with creative mindsets. And there’s a plus for graduates with a creative degree: It’s easier to become self-employed or start your own business with little funding.

Here are seven current most rewarding courses for creative people.

Digital branding/web design

Digital branding executives or Art Directors (in conjunction with graphic and web designers/developers) are responsible for creating and implementing brilliant branding and adverting concepts that provide a business, product or service online visibility, web traffic and increased market share.

With web design language fast moving beyond CSS into more advanced territories, this career option allows you to get increasingly imaginative with the right technical knowledge.

Fashion design

Ever thought of your creations being modeled at the London Fashion Week? A good fashion degree will allow you hone your fashion instincts to the best international standards. And with the fashion industry getting ever changing and expanding, there’ll never be a dull moment for you.


Print journalism might be waning, but journalism – especially broadcast and online – has been growing in leaps and bounds since the dawn of the digital era. What journalists find most interesting about the job is that it gives them the freedom to find stories that allow them to take control and get creative.

In addition, they get the psychological satisfaction of being an active part of public discourse. With a degree in journalism, you’ll learn all the essential skills to become a well groomed journalist and perhaps a public analyst in future.

Film production

If you’ve ever watched a film production and felt you could do a better job, then you should seriously think about enrolling for a film production course. After graduation, you should be able to plan, write, and edit films. This is a fast-paced field that requires individuals that are creative, imaginative and decisive.

Multimedia design/animation

Career opportunities for professionals trained in multimedia design and animation are vast with nearly every industry needing one form of multimedia application or the other, such as for instructional design and film or TV production.

Multimedia design/animation professionals are usually found in the IT or computer department of various businesses.  However, it takes a lot of learning and experience to gain proficiency in this field, as it requires specialisation in the use of both hardware and software, including 3D animation.

Beautician courses

Getting the right training to become a licensed aestheticism can open doors to a rewarding career, and it can give you the emotional fulfilment from helping people look and feel beautiful.

A career as an esthetician (or skincare specialist) comes with good prospects statistics, indicating the profession will grow faster than average amongst all occupations in the next few years.

From current figures in the industry, the median annual salary of a career esthetician is approximately £23,800 (about $30,270), which could climb as high as £49,100 (about $62,430) if you’re employed by universities, colleges or professional beauty schools.

To qualify as a professional beautician, you’ll need to enroll in a beauty school, obtain an esthetician license, in addition to an optional continuing education course for career advancement.


Becoming a locksmith is not only about gaining a lucrative profession, but also a creative and enjoyable skill set to study. You might do very well being a local locksmith and studying for it can be fascinating. Think Harry Houdini. You’re learning how to solve complex physical puzzles and provide a service to the public at the same time.

Locksmith course are available at your college and are well worth looking into.