Starting up

Starting up

What is a breakfast club?

There are lots of different types of breakfast club but in general they all provide:

  • a safe supervised place for young people to go in the morning before the start of the school/college day
  • a breakfast meal to support good nutrition and health
  • social, emotional and pastoral support to young people if they need it
  • a range of informal activities and things to do that support learning and skills development.

Why have a breakfast club?

Breakfast clubs offer many benefits, to young people, their families and the wider communities and schools that they inhabit.  Our designated page on the benefits of breakfast clubs provides an overview and specific links to reports and evidence.

Different types of club

These days there are many different types and models of breakfast clubs.  Which option you choose to develop will depend on the motivation for the club, your venue and your available resources. Find out more about the different motivations and types of clubs

First steps in planning

When planning your club there are some important elements that need to be considered.  For example, you should think about the following:

Consultation – To ensure your club meets the needs of children, parents and the community you need to consult with them to find out what they want.   But how do you do this?  Find out more about consultation methods on our consultation page.

Staffing – Staffing and managing your breakfast club will be one of your biggest considerations.  For advise on staffing for your club, including information on qualifications and staff ratios, please visit our staffing page.

Regulations – To ensure your club is safe, legal and efficient, for both you and your members, and for more information regarding food hygiene, food policy, first aid, insurance, health and safety, child protection and good practice, visit our regulations page.

Inspections – Find out if you need to register your club and whether it needs to be inspected, by visiting our inspections page.

Childcare – For more information on providing formal child care, please visit our childcare page.

Where will we get the money?

Finding funding for your breakfast club doesn’t need to be daunting.  You can find out more about funding options on our funding page and get advice on charging for your club.

Please note, although we can offer you extensive funding advise, Continyou and Kelloggs do not provide core funding or food for clubs.

How else can we help you?

Breakfast Club Plus can offer a range of training sessions to support you set up or enhance a breakfast club. If you would like more information on the training we can offer, please visit our training page.

If you are an established club looking for fresh ideas and further resources visit the keeping it going section.

The information on these pages compliments the Breakfast Club Plus resource pack. The pack gives detailed information on planning a club and can be downloaded from our resources page.

Teacher and children enjoying their breakfast