Shop information


Shop information


You do not need to register with us first, to purchase from our online shop. However, we will need your email address, so that we can send you confirmation of your purchases. This will need to be input as part of the checkout process.

Postage charges

We charge 15% of the price of the publication(s) for delivery (minimum £1). This charge will automatically be added to the cost of your purchases. Please allow 28 days for delivery in case some items are out of stock.

Online payments

If you order any of the publications or book training from our online shop, you will be transferred to SecPay as part of the online payment process, where you will be asked to input your credit card details. SecPay manage the online payment process for us, and provide a reliable and secure service. 


If you encounter any problems with your online shopping exerience, please contact the Web Editor. (Email:, telephone: 024 7658 8475). 

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