Service Portfolios

Service Portfolios

Sibling Café

ContinYou’s Sibling Café project supports brothers and sisters of children with special educational needs (SEN).

PDFSibling Café(277kb)

Skilled for Health

Skilled for Health (SfH) is the national learning programme that embeds skills for life learning into health improvement topics.

PDFSkilled for Health (319kb)

Pyramid Clubs

Pyramid clubs support children and young people experiencing social and emotional problems, particularly those who are shy, quiet, withdrawn and struggling to build friendships.

PDFPyramid Clubs (190kb)


ContinYou Cymru’s OwnZone model is a flexible way of offering out-of-school-hours learning (oshl) provision that includes a ‘safe place to be’ for young people aged 11 to 16.

PDFOwnZone (299kb)