SmallSteps4Life – How to guide

SmallSteps4Life is a fun ‘health challenge’ approach, which aims to help all children and young people, their families and whole school communities initiate and sustain healthy lifestyle changes.

A-Z guide for out-of-school-hours learning

A revision of ContinYou Cymru’s out-of-school-hours learning: A code of practice, this new, web-based guide supports all aspects of developing and running effective out-of-school-hours learning provision. It is underpinned by a number of mini guides aimed at: parents and carers; Local authorities; children and young people and voluntary and community sector organisations

Out-of-school-hours learning – Training and resource pack

An easy to use training pack to support school and non-school staff to effectively deliver out-of-school-hours learning provision.

Community focused schools – Developing out of school childcare and out of school hours learning

Produced in partnership with Clybiau Plant Cymru Kids’ Clubs, this leaflet is a brief guide to the differences between developing out of school childcare and out of school hours learning provision.

Oshl Mini guides

We have developed a series of downloadable mini guides designed to provide targeted support and guidance about successful out-of-school-hours learning (oshl) clubs/activities.

Turning the vision into reality: The role of out-of-school-hours learning and Community focused schools in raising standards

This guide explains how schools, local authorities and partners can enable Out-of-school-hours learning and Community focused schools to make as much impact as possible, by ensuring that they contribute to raising standards, and they they form an intrinsic part of broader education and local authority priorities such as health, regeneration and the Children and Young People’s Plans.

A briefing on community cohesion: Challenges and opportunities for out-of-school-hours learning and Community focused schools

This briefing paper looks at the roles of out-of-school-hours learning and Community focused schools in contributing to, and supporting, the creative of cohesive communities in Wales.

Building partnerships: Working to develop extended services and community focused schools in and around special schools

This guide aims to disseminate good practice to mainstream and special schools, pupils referral units, and other professionals working in multi agency teams to engage children in special schools with the range of activities and services that are offered to their mainstream peers.

Taking Part: Extending out-of-school-hours learning to children in care/looked-after children in Wales

A supplement for Wales to ContinYou’s Taking Part (2005) guide. This supplement should be read in conjunction with the guide.

Bike Club Start-up guide

This guide explains what Bike Club is, how it is funded, and what it’s objectives are. It also offers advice and information for people who wish to set up their own bike clubs in Wales.

Breakfast Club Plus – How to set up your own breakfast club and keep it going

A useful guide for those who wish to set up or further develop breakfast club provision.

Breakfast Singing Clubs

ContinYou and Sing Up in England have joined forces to create this fantastic, practical singing resource, using our combined knowledge of singing and breakfast clubs. ContinYou Cymru is delighted that we have been able to make use of this resource for Wales.

This is how we do it – A guide for reading clubs

New resources under development

Sum-it! Maths clubs in Wales

New resources under development

Speak up – A guide to developing children’s voice in primary schools and communities

The Speak up guide is based on the Primary Democracy pilot project. This guide offers primary schools useful information and tips for setting up oshl programmes and activities that encourage the development of ‘children’s voice’

Lights, Camera, Action!

This ‘how to guide’ aims to help all those interested in setting up and running film clubs as oshl activities, and will be valuable for anyone working with children and young people.

Making homework work

A guide to help establish homework clubs.

Art@heart: Arts activities for out-of-school-hours learning

This guide provides information and support for anyone with an interest in developing arts projects as out-of-school-hours learning activities.

Out-of-school-hours learning – Bridging the gender gap for boys (2007)

This guide shows how out-of-school-hours learning can help raise boys’ attainment by improving their concentration, self-esteem and motivation to learn.

From Primary to Secondary. Moving on: out-of-school-hours learning and transition

This resource helps schools to set up oshl programmes supporting transition from primary to secondary.

Take your partners in Caerphilly

Caerphilly County Borough Council and ContinYou Cymru have compiled this toolkit with help from many partner organisations and schools, and with support from the Welsh Assembly Government. It is an introductory toolkit for anyone wishing to work in partnership to deliver effective out-of-school-hours learning (oshl). The toolkit includes a range of useful case studies, examples of best practice, top tips, checklists, resources, and weblinks.


ContinYou cymru’s OwnZone model is a flexible way of offering oshl provision that includes ‘a safe place to be’ for young people aged 11 to 16.

Cymru Cooks: a toolkit – A guide to setting up and sustaining cookery clubs

This guide provides guidance on running cookery clubs for children of all ages in schools an in the community, and on engaging effectively with families and the wider community.