Why Do Parents Choose Single Sex Schools?

Although some regard single-sex schooling to be old fashioned, the truth is that there is a significant body of evidence that may indicate that all-girl, or all-boy schools may be a good idea for a range of students. In fact, there is a range of research that suggests that girls and boys both learn in different ways, so it’s important to consider whether a single-sex school might give parents the chance to offer their child a more comprehensive and tailored education.

As with any decision to be made about your child, it’s important to consider all the positives and negatives of each option in great depth before making your choice. Following we will discuss some of the reasons why parents choose single sex schools, and how these schools can offer unique advantages to your child.

The Reasons Why Parents Choose Single Sex Schools

Different people will consider single-sex schooling for different reasons. While some will prefer their child to an attend an all-girls, or all-boys school for the fact that they themselves attended a single-gender school, others will be drawn towards advantages like less distraction, and more personalised teaching techniques. Some of the common reasons parents choose single sex schools include:

• Children have fewer distractions: The inherent distractions and social static that takes place when you mix girls and boys together in a coeducational school simply don’t take place within a single gender school. In these educational facilities, stereotypes and expectations can be broken down, and fewer distractions mean that girls can focus on being themselves, and boys can focus on finding their own skills, without any concern about the opposite sex.

• Children benefit from single-gender teaching: As mentioned above, there’s evidence to suggest that girls and boys learn differently. In an all-girls, or all-boys school, the teachers involved will undoubtedly have training that is specifically matched to the gender that they teach. In other words, your child will experience a tailor-made education that focuses on his or her specific skills per gender.

• Children experience a better community: When a school doesn’t accommodate both sexes, they can focus on organising the school perfectly and providing everything that their students need for an incredible education. On top of that, parents also get a chance to interact with other parents who share the same ethics and ideas as them.


The Advantage Of Single-Sex Schools

There are many different advantages associated with sending children to single-sex schools like Wycombe Abbey school, or Cheltenham’s ladies’ college, rather than sticking with a public education. For instance, benefits might include:

• Tailored learning to each gender in regards to volume, speaking voice, and focus on various topics. For instance, it has been found that boys learn better in classes that incorporate motion into learning activities, and use of team-based activities.
• Increased confidence in the classroom: Because boys often mature later than girls, there is sometimes a lot of stress between the genders in school which can lead to low self-esteem and discomfort when expressing themselves in front of other students.
• Less classroom disruption: Girls in all-girl schools such as Hornsey School for Girls – the only all-girl secondary school in the borough of Haringey, may experience less distraction than girls in public education classrooms. The reason for this is that boys are generally considered to be more disruptive in mixed-school environments.
• Good attitude: Because most single-sex schools use some form of competition in their teaching styles, they generally create an atmosphere that it is “cool” to excel and work hard in terms of various forms of achievement.
• Less intimidation: Although it is becoming more commonplace for girls and boys to be encouraged to take part in sports and extracurricular activities that aren’t often associated with their gender, children can feel uncomfortable exploring skills in various areas. Single-sex schools remove any stigma around this issue and encourage children to discover new aspects of themselves by getting involved with exciting new activities.

Tips For Single-Sex Education

If you’re considering putting your son or daughter into single-sex education, remember that it’s important to plan and do your research to ensure you’re giving your child the best option. For instance, you may need to think carefully about all aspects of your child’s learning profile, before determining whether single-sex education is right for them. A child’s learning profile will include their strengths, interests, challenges, and temperament.

Research any school that you are interested in, and be sure that you’re willing to ask questions before you fill out an application.