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Overview of standards

All schools must start with the Bronze Award, once this is completed you can decide whether you want to progress to silver or gold Awards; you can miss out the Silver Award if you feel you meet the Gold Standards. Once the Gold Award is achieved you may progress on to the Special Distinction Award.

Bronze Award

The Bronze Award shows that a supplementary school has all the basic policies and procedures in place to run safely and effectively and that there are clear expectations of behaviour. This is the entry level of the Quality Framework and must be completed before progressing to the higher levels.

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Silver Award

A Silver Award shows that in addition to the basic policies and procedures, the supplementary school provides a well-organised learning environment with straightforward teaching, record keeping and resources that support children’s and young people’s achievement and raise their self-esteem.

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Gold Award

A Gold Award shows that the supplementary school has well-established systems in place to ensure consistent good quality. There will be written plans, handbooks, and procedures so that when someone leaves, and a new person joins, the school routines will carry on. The management committee will meet regularly to plan and monitor the work of the school, and the minutes of their meetings will form much of the evidence. The school will have provided evidence that children’s needs, progress and performance are assessed and monitored.

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Special Distinction Award

A Special Distinction Award is expected to show exceptional all-round high quality. A supplementary school with a Special Distinction Award will be an example to others in teaching and learning;  day to day management; and good governance. Its’ evidence will centre on successful, imaginative programmes of study that help children and young people achieve excellent results. A comprehensive, up-to-date and regularly reviewed Business Plan will support management committee minutes as the main source of other evidence.   

The key feature of this level of award is a partnership project and dissemination of learning from the partnership project to other supplementary schools. You need a Silver or Gold Award before presenting your school for Special Distinction.

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Supplementary school headteachers receiving their Quality Framework awards from the Mayor of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea