Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission

Our vision

We believe that every child and young person must have an education that enables them to achieve their full potential.

We define ‘education’ not just in terms of a school’s core curriculum subjects – however important these are – but also in terms of developing healthy, resilient and well-rounded young people, ready for responsible adult life.

However, some groups of young people (often defined by gender, race, special needs and socio-economic status) do not achieve nearly as well as they should, both in and outside the classroom.

We support these young people.

We also know that schools need support to engage families and communities in their children’s education and that, equally, these families and communities need support to engage with schools.

We support these families and communities.

Our mission

Children and young people spend only 15% of their time in the classroom.

That’s why we not only support young people to achieve their potential in school, but also help them to flourish in their family and community during the remaining 85% of their time.

How we work

Find out how we try to achieve this vision, and how we are following our mission, by reading about how we work.