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A mentor is responsible for supporting supplementary schools through the development process, giving guidance, and acting as a critical friend to a group. We expect each mentor to work with a group of between three to six supplementary schools, of which no more than two or three at a time will be preparing for assessment.

Mentors will be fully trained and prepared for their role, and will work with our Quality Framework Manager to ensure standardised assessment and to arrange recognition meetings for awards.

We are happy to receive applications from mentors with experience of organisational management and good governance to mentor to Bronze level only, in which case only they need complete only the first training day.

‘I believe I am making a difference in the lives of others, empowering third sector leaders to achieve their schools’ full potential and think more business like.’ Karen Gardiner, Quality Framework Mentor

Training and resources

To become fully accredited a mentor must complete two training days and demonstrate the support they have given to at least one supplementary school at Bronze level. Mentors who have worked in schools and local authorities and those who have experience of the learning environment, classroom management, and teaching and learning are encouraged to become fully accredited.

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Forthcoming mentors’ training

Day 1 – Quality Framework Mentor Training – cost £75

Get an overview of the award scheme and the Supplementary School Code of Practice.
  • Friday, 11 May – Coventry
  • Thursday, 14 June – Vauxhall, London

Day 2 – Quality Framework Mentor Training – cost £75

Plan how to support groups as they build portfolios and develop critical skills such as how to run a recognition meeting.
  • Wednesday, 28 March – Vauxhall, London
  • Friday, 29 June – Vauxhall, London


Mentors and supplementary schools are issued with a set of fourteen How To Guides that they can refer to about any areas that are unfamiliar to them. The NRC organises training for supplementary schools to support the Quality Framework and the Code of Practice, and this can be arranged regionally. View the training for schools we have available.


Each mentor will:

  • hold a group meeting to introduce the Quality Framework and facilitate initial self-assessment
  • help supplementary schools to write and implement their action plans for development and preparation for a Quality Framework Award
  • organise appropriate training and peer support workshops to meet identified needs
  • check that each school has included all the necessary documentation for the Supplementary Schools’ Management File and that policies and procedures are actively implemented
  • visit each school while it is in session, talk to pupils, parents, teachers and volunteers, give feedback to suggest improvements and development and write a witness statement supporting each award.

For higher levels mentors:

  • help schools complete a self evaluation of their service delivery to determine which Quality Framework award portfolio they wish to submit
  • check that each school has completed a Bronze level Management File and that the file has been reviewed and updated appropriately
  • check each school has collected enough evidence of their own choice to gain the award they are aiming for
  • contact the NRC Regional Strategic Advisor to arrange recognition meeting with other schools
  • attend/arrange a public presentation of awards, and celebration of the achievements of participating supplementary schools.

Mentors supporting six to ten supplementary schools should expect to allocate at least fifteen to twenty days over a year to the work, including training and visits. Mentors who are already responsible for monitoring and developing the work of supplementary schools will find that working on the Quality Framework fits into their existing workload. Over time, we hope that supplementary schools who have gained awards will be able to work as volunteer mentors with other members of their local forum or network of supplementary schools. 

Apply to become a mentor

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please download, complete and return the mentors’ application form below:

Word imagementors’ application form

For more information please visit the Quality Framework section. (Please note that you need to be a trained mentor to access this area. If you would like to become a mentor or have forgotten your log-in please email us).

A supplementary school headteacher receiving his Quality Framework award from the Major of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Pascale Vassie, NRC

Resources for mentors

Log into the mentors’ area to gain access to downloadable resources.