News from members

News from members

This section contains details of events that may be of interest. If you are running an event and would like it listed here or want to tell us about how your event went then please e-mail us.

International Community Schools Day

1 March 2010 is International Community Schools Day. We would like to advertise what you are doing to celebrate this. This is what KCCP, an NGO supporting community school development in Siberia and throughout Russia, has done this year, 2009. 

Community Schools Through Children’s Eyes

In 2009 we invited community schools from different countries to join the event ‘Community Schools Through Children’s Eyes’. Thanks to this event community schools will have an opportunity to tell each other about themselves, exchange drawings, letters and photos.

International schools day








We received 78 applications from 16 regions of Russia. Also some community schools from Armenia, Poland and Ukraine joined the action. Now schools are preparing the letters to their ‘pen-friend’ schools. Some schools which are not far away from each other have already got the letters.  Also we gather information from schools on activities they are going to conduct to celebrate the date. 

Further information about the event can be found on the Russian Community School Movement website.