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Share good practice, discuss issues, be inspired

If you work in a supplementary school in England or Wales and you want to build relationships with the mainstream primary and secondary schools in your community, you may want to join the Learning Exchange.

Its membership comprises school leaders, cluster managers, study support co-ordinators, people from supplementary schools, headteachers – everyone offering activities and programmes in and around schools that aim to improve the attainment, achievement, behaviour and attendance of their young people and to support families and communities.

The Learning Exchange has links to and offers people working in supplementary schools the opportunity to:

  • build links with mainstream schools and other supplementary school leaders in their areas and across the UK
  • encourage more mainstream schools to link up and work more closely with supplementary schools
  • use forums to share good practice, discuss issues and ask questions
  • blog about their supplementary school work if they wish
  • exchange documents
  • explore news pages, an extensive and growing library of resources and interesting information, videos, podcasts and a case study library
  • receive an e-newsletter each week telling them what’s new on the site.

Membership is free.

While current economic and political conditions are challenging, being a member of the Learning Exchange offers you a chance to seek out new opportunities and partnerships that may help you ensure that your supplementary school continues its good work

Join today. Here is the link: – and here is what a few Learning Exchange members think about the site.

‘I have found the Learning Exchange really useful, especially when the government changed over and I could look at the links and articles about all the new initiatives. It is a mine of information’
Member, Jacky Elliot

 ‘I keep going on the Learning Exchange website to read articles, but so far am yet to contribute. It is a fantastic website and so useful’ Member, Seeta Mepani

‘Many thanks for your speedy and useful response!’ Member, Sharon Robinson

 ‘I love the style of the newsletter, lovely and friendly with a very human voice’
Member, Karen Bollan