Hold a Family Reading Breakfast on World Book Day

Hold a Family Reading Breakfast on World Book Day

ContinYou and Breakfast Club Plus are delighted to be supporting ‘Hold a Family Reading Breakfast’ on World Book Day – 3 March 2011. We’d encourage all breakfast clubs to register and join in!

Add a fresh twist to your World Book Day celebrations this March. Breakfast clubs across the country are being offered the chance to create a buzz around reading by inviting parents to join in a national Family Reading Breakfast.

Encourage families to read together this World Book Day, 3 March. Reading for pleasure is not only a healthy activity for children but also for busy parents, improving their well-being and confidence, for an altogether more healthy family life. Mothers and fathers reading with their children help raise standards of literacy and goes a long way to establishing the reading habit for life.  

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Quick Reads – short, easy to read books by best-selling authors and celebrities – have introduced hundreds of thousands of adults to the pleasures of reading. Once they have finished a Quick Read, we know they go on to read more Quick Reads titles and then other books.

How to join in:

  • Register now for information and updates on support available
  • Order a Family Reading Breakfast pack, including 20 World Book Day childrens’ books, 20 Quick Reads and a range of materials to get your activities started, for just £55.

Find out more now at www.quickreads.org.uk/familyreadingbreakfasts.

Find out how to set up a breakfast club, and keep it going, by visiting the Breakfast Club Plus website.


Mother and child reading a book together