Helen Skelton presents Breakfast Club Family Grant to Bedfont Primary School in Hounslow

Helen Skelton presents Breakfast Club Family Grant to Bedfont Primary School

On Friday May 14, Blue Peter TV presenter Helen Skelton presented children, families and staff at Bedfont Primary School in Hounslow with their Breakfast Club Family Grant, as a result of the children’s TV programme’s Mission Nutrition charity appeal.

The grant is one of 80 that learning charity ContinYou has awarded to breakfast clubs across the UK. Bedfont, and all other successful grantees, were chosen from over 1,000 applicants to receive the £350 grant, which will be used to add a sustainable family element to their existing breakfast club provision.

Helen with children from Bedfont Primary School

Helen with children from Bedfont primary school

ContinYou was one of the charity partners for the Blue Peter Mission Nutrition appeal, which raised funds through bring-and-buy sales in order to put meals on plates around the world. The 50th Blue Peter anniversary appeal aimed to help children eat and grow better food, to tackle the challenge of the global food crisis and international credit crunch, and to leave a lasting legacy for children in the UK and across the globe.

Tony Apicella, National Programme Director at ContinYou, says: ‘We are delighted to be able to award this grant to the staff, children and families at Bedfont Primary School. With over 1,000 entries, both the quantity and quality of the applications we received from schools all over the UK is a clear indication of the impact that breakfast clubs and family engagement can have day-to-day in our schools and communities. Bedfont is a prime example of how schools feel family engagement can add value to their work.’

Karin Woodley, ContinYou’s CEO, says: ‘It’s been fantastic for ContinYou to have had this opportunity to work in partnership with the BBC and such an iconic children’s TV programme as Blue Peter. We are extremely pleased that the funds raised through the appeal, and the grants issued, will enable so many schools and communities to engage with families through their breakfast clubs and support many of their needs.’

Helen presenting the grant

Helen Skelton presenting grant

Blue Peter Editor, Tim Levell, says: ‘Tens of thousands of our young viewers took an active part in Mission Nutrition and they’ll be delighted, as I am, that the money raised through their hard work and creativity is being used to benefit so many other children and their families, such as those in Hounslow, giving them such a great and nutritious start to each day!’

Presenter Helen Skelton says: ‘I’m delighted to have been involved in the work of the Mission Nutrition appeal. It’s fantastic to see all the money raised through the hard work of Blue Peter viewers being put to such good use. The idea of family-focused breakfast clubs, such as the one Bedfont Primary School is launching, will help to support and spread positive messages about nutrition, health and learning into homes all over the UK.’

Ann Broughton, Headteacher of Bedfont Primary School, says: ‘We are thrilled to receive this grant from ContinYou. Lots of our pupils have helped raise money for Blue Peter appeals, so they will be very excited to see some of this money benefiting their school. We hope that lots of families will come and have breakfast together and start the day well. One of our pupils has just eaten wholemeal toast for the first time, so I am sure this grant will help us make a difference to children’s eating habits. Thank you Mission Nutrition.’

Helen Skelton with Karin Woodley, Tony Apicella and Tim Levell

Helen Skelton with Karin Woodley

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