Get On With Science (GOWS)

About GOWS

Get On With Science (GOWS), funded by the Welsh Government Department of Education and Skills, is a brand new project launched in January 2012 by Chwarae Teg and ContinYou Cymru. GOWS aims to improve the delivery of science in schools in Wales and to encourage all pupils, especially girls, to pursue science subjects and consequently consider careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries. The project will also encourage family involvement in science activity such as day trips to centres such as Techniquest and Techniquest Glyndŵr to provide holistic support to the pupils.

Where is it happening?

GOWS activity will focus on school clusters (secondary schools and their feeder primary schools). Schools from Flintshire and Wrexham will be involved in the early stages of the project, which will roll out to Anglesey and South West Wales later in 2012. The emphasis will be on making science fun, relevant and accessible to all pupils – especially to girls, who are currently under-represented in these sectors. Links will be made between schools and local science industry, such as Toyota and Airbus in North East Wales, giving pupils first-hand experience of science in the real world. 

Science Champions

A key element of the project is the engagement of Science Champions. These are professionals from the STEM industries who will conduct workshops in schools for both teachers and pupils. Not all primary school teachers have a background or education in science, so the Science Champions will pass on their subject knowledge and industry experience to the teachers, thereby providing them with the confidence to deliver science in the classroom to the highest possible standards. Engaging with the Science Champions will give teachers the opportunity to develop their own CPD in addition to the benefits it will bring to the pupils. The Science Champions will also bring science to life in the classroom by giving the pupils hands-on experience of science in action through demonstrations and experiments.   

Why is it important?

Improvements to the delivery of STEM subjects are key to economic growth and underpin many of the priority sectors identified in the Welsh Government’s Economic Renewal Strategy. Job forecasts indicate that an increasing number of people qualified in STEM subjects will be necessary in the near future. The GOWS project could therefore play a not insignificant part in the economic growth of Wales and help create new generations of Welsh women in science.

For more information about the GOWS project please email heledd.kirkbride@continyou.org.uk.