Good news stories

Good news stories

Comments, stories and photos from people who have recently attended our masterclasses.

Knockloughrim Primary School

Knockloughrim's breakfast clubThe breakfast club was set up in May 2011. 20-25 children attend each week. This is what the breakfast club leader had to say:

‘Our children enjoy the breakfast club. Children come mainly from parents who are working at this time of day, although not exclusively. We have attempted to instill variety in our club with a different theme each day.

  • Monday: ‘Kick Start the Week’ has a sports theme to the activities.
  • Tuesday: ‘Talents Tales and Toast’ has a literacy theme with children also illustrating their talents through mini concert type activities.
  • Wednesday: ‘Munch with Maths’ has a numeracy theme to the activities and games.
  • Thursday: ‘Breakfast with Beethoven’ has a musical theme to the activities.
  • Friday: ‘Try Something Different’ has a healthy eating theme, encouraging our children to try something different and to prepare healthy alternative snacks at home.

The children have loved the activities and many are regular attendees. This has helped with school punctuality and attendance and motivation towards school.’

Playing Connect 4 at breakfast club









Le Cateau Primary School

The breakfast club at this school enjoyed a Chinese New Year themed breakfast. The breakfast club leader said: ‘We have a high proportion of Nepalese children whose fathers work in Catterick as Gurkha soldiers. The two dads in the photo were experts at using chopsticks and ate a whole bowl of porride with theirs!’

Here are some photos from the day:

Eating breakfast with chopsticks










Chopsticks lessons








Trying some origami










Banwell Primary School

Pupils enjoying a craft activity as part of their breakfast clubBreakfast club began at Banwell Primary School in January 2012. The breakfast club leader was delighted with the response:

‘We started our breakfast club on Wednesday and reached the magic 21 number attending today (We need 21 to break even!). We are very pleased with this as you can imagine and the bookings for the rest of January are also extremely high. We are staggered with the high response so early and have had to go out and buy some more crockery!

Our playworker has complained that breakfast club isn’t long enough, she wants more time! What a great position to be in.

So thank you on behalf of the whole school as without the push from Continyou, we wouldn’t be in the fabulous position we are now in. We’ve had our vulnerable children eating a breakfast, we’ve had teachers so pleased that they can start teaching straight away, no stragglers…. I know its early days, but wow the results have been so positive already. So a BIG thank you!!’

Helping with ADHD

From someone who runs a new breakfast club, and attended some recent training:

‘I started my breakfast club on Monday, 23 January and have seven regulars. They are all pupils who were regularly late for school, three of these have been in every morning at 8 o’clock. Not bad as school starts at 8.30 and we were going to start the breakfast club at 8.15 as we did not think pupils would come in any earlier!

One of the other pupils always sat outside a local café about five minutes from the school for about half an hour, he would then arrive very late with a two litre bottle of coke and loads of sweets, as he has severe ADHD this was not very helpful as he was very loud and ‘hyper’ when he did get into school. He now turns up for breakfast clubs most mornings – minus the drink and sweets which are not allowed at breakfast club. This enables him to have a much better and calmer start to his school day!  

We are also able to sort out uniform issues and find a tie, pen etc to prevent the pupils getting into trouble first thing in the morning, or have a quiet word if the pupil has a problem and then send an email to other staff members to make them aware of this.

Thank you for providing the funds to set this up as it has only been running for two weeks and we have already seen an improvement in all seven pupils!’

Training and grants

Find out how you can access the free masterclasses and grants to set up your own new breakfast club.