Funders and partners

Funders and partners


If you’re interested in supporting ContinYou’s work, please contact us.

Our work is funded by a range of sources including:

  • central government in England, including the Department for Education and the Department of Health
  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Department of Education in Northern Ireland
  • Scottish Executive Education Department
  • regional government offices 
  • local authorities
  • trusts and lotteries
  • corporate sponsorship.


Collaboration and partnerships play a central role in everything we do. We work closely with other organisations and take full advantage of our ability to work across sectors. We respect, draw upon and disseminate the knowledge, perceptions and expertise of others.

We are keen to work with like-minded partners. If you’d like to discuss opportunities to work together to enhance people’s lives, please contact us.

ContinYou’s partners include:

  • communities
  • schools
  • local authorities
  • health authorities
  • arts, sport and science organisations
  • libraries
  • charities and trusts
  • corporate sponsors.