FUN FACTS: Teachers depend on chocolate, exercise and their phones to get by

If you’re reading our site, the chances are you are in the industry of teaching and education and are looking for some inspiration. Well, look no further! Our friends at Simply Education, a staffing agency for teaching staff have done a fun survey via their site asking 210 teachers which passions keep them happy while they teach.

The findings from the research included data from teachers based in the UK found that the main love of teachers in the UK was the fact that they got to influence people’s lives every day. This heart-warming survey also found that:

  • The majority of people surveyed could never get sick of chocolate
  • Most teachers who answered exercise
  • Teachers can’t leave without their phones

When it comes to their holiday’s, teachers would most like to visit Australia for their next getaway and they dream of teaching history despite loving studying history at school.

This fun an interesting survey really gives you a snapshot of how people in our profession think and what is closest to their hearts and interests. Take a look at this infographic which brings the findings to life.