Community schools in Africa

Community schools in Africa

Download the documents below to find out more about community schools in Africa. The information contained within the report draws on the evidence provided in two key documents:

  • A literature review of community schools (Yolande Miller-Grandvaux and Karla Yoder, commissioned by the USAID Bureau for Africa)
  • Evolving partnerships: the role of NGOs in basic education in Africa (also commissioned by USAID, Bureau for Africa, and written by Yolande Miller-Grandvaux with Michel Welmond and Joy Wolf).

Please email Chris Jones with your perspectives on community schools in Africa.

Word image1. Background

2. NGOs in African primary education

3. More NGOs in education

4. NGOs and governments

5. NGOs and communities

6. NGO and government perceptions

7. Standards and interactions  

8. Suspicions and frustrations

9. Government and NGO beliefs  

10. Changing specific policies

11. The donor perspective

12. Teacher unions

13. Coalition building

14. Leveraging policy

15. Partnership and policy

16. NGOs and donors

17. Programmes

18. Civil society

19. Cost of resources

20. Creating NGO networks

21. Summary of government and NGO interaction

22. Implications for ICECS

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