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Bronze award

The Bronze award shows that a supplementary school has all the basic policies and procedures in place to run safely and effectively. You must achieve the bronze level before you can progress to the silver, gold and special distinction levels. 

Schools may feel that they are meeting the standards at the higher levels and should be able to go straight to silver or gold level. It is essential that the building blocks are in place first. The Bronze award covers all of the relevant policies and procedures we would expect to see in a quality organisation. In order to achieve the Bronze Award we will need to visit your school whilst you are delivering sessions, to witness that your policies and procedures are known and actively followed by staff, volunteers, parents and children as appropriate. A template for what is covered can be found below. Please contact your local regional advisor to arrange a visit.

Once your file is completed and in order contact your local Regional Strategic Advisor who will arrange for submission.

We will notify you within four weeks to let you know if you have achieved the award or if there are areas which need addressing.

We aim to provide guidance and samples where possible for schools. Once you have joined the NRC you will be able to access a wide range of template and example documents, including those listed below. For help with logging in or becoming a member of the NRC, please visit the membership pages.

Requirements for the Bronze Award


It is important for supplementary schools to have the appropriate level of insurance and to shop around for a competitive deal. Please read this information sheet to ensure you have the cover you need for both public liability and employers liability insurance: 

Word imageInsurance information


Word imageBronze checklist

Word imageBuilding your quality portfolio

Word imageTypical contents sheet

Word imageSchool details

PDF imageTemplate – witness statement

PDF imageSelf assessment

Supplementary school headteachers receiving their Quality Framework awards


Find out more about the Bronze Quality Award by attending one of our training sessions: Introduction to the Bronze Quality Award.