Breakfast Club Plus Awards

Breakfast Club Plus Awards 2010

2010 Award Winner Announced

The 2010 National Breakfast Club Plus Awards have now taken place and we are delighted to announce our award winners for 2010 below. You can also read about the background to the awards.




Northern Ireland



Winner: Kool Klub – Carr Manor High School, Leeds
Runner Up: Savio Salesian College, Liverpool
Runner Up: Awake at 8! – St Luke and St Philips Primary School, Blackburn
Highly Commended: Hannah More Primary Breakfast Club, Bristol
Highly Commended: The Wake Up & Shake Up Club, Yorkswood Primary School, Birmingham
Highly Commended: Villiers Breakfast Club, Villiers Primary School, Bilston
Highly Commended: Hearsall Wraparound Club, Coventry

Winner – Kool Klub – Carr Manor High School, Leeds

With 41 different languages spoken by pupils at Carr Manor High School in Leeds, the Kool Klub attracts a regular daily attendance in excess of 40 young people from diverse nationalities, and across the school age range. The breakfast club not only offers a nutritious breakfast and a range of stimulating activities, but also ensures that those who attend achieve a positive start to the day and are ready to learn.

Breakfast prices are kept as low as possible with pupils paying 20p per item, meaning therefore that a drink, cereal and a bagel can be purchased for 60p. This makes it competitive with ‘high-street’ alternatives. The Kool Klub is self-sustaining through student-led ‘enterprise’ sessions, including their half-termly Staff Breakfast Morning, at which school staff are cooked and served a full English breakfast by the students and Kool Klub adults. These events in turn regularly raise between £50 and £100, which contributes to the overall income of the breakfast club.

Daily activities include a mixture of physical and mind-stretching exercises, such as karaoke, football, dodge ball, board games, charades, Rapidough, Pictionary, brain gym, pool and cards. These activities help to develop social skills and have developed group cohesion. Key to the look and feel of the Kool Klub is the music played throughout selected by both students and adults. Additionally, news stories are discussed and debated and members enjoy the atmosphere and sanctity that the Klub offers – they say it’s fun and it makes a difference to their lives!

Staff at the school have unanimously endorsed the impact that the breakfast club has had on students who attend and the school as a whole. In particular pupils with special educational needs have benefited from attending and receiving support from fellow pupils and adults.


Wales Breakfast Club Plus Award winners

Winner: Queen Street Primary Breakfast Club – Queen Street Primary School, Abertillery
Runner Up: Neyland Junior School Breakfast Club – Neyland Community School, Milford Haven
Highly Commended: Breakfast Club – Hafod Y Wren Community Primary, Wrexham
Highly Commended: Ysgol Y Parc Breakfast Club, Hdyhead, Anglesey
Highly Commended: Early Bird Club – Holywell High School, Stranf Holywell, Flintshire
Highly Commended: St High 5 – St Helens Roman Catholic Junior School, Barry

Winner – Queen Street Primary Breakfast Club, Abertillery

Chosen as one of the pilot schemes for the Welsh Assembly Government’s Free Breakfast Initiative in Blaenau Gwent in 2004, the club has gone from strength to strength ever since. Every day Queen Street Primary School Breakfast Club takes practical account of diversity by encouraging children of all ages, abilities and religious beliefs to eat together around the table. This encourages and promotes good table manners and enables them to interact and socialise with other children from different classes.

Housed within an old Victorian building, the Queen Street Breakfast Club caters for children ranging from 3 to 11 years old, children with special educational needs and children who use English as an additional language. To support inclusion, the club adds value to the free breakfast provision by planning and preparing additional activities to suit all needs and abilities, such as problem solving, reading corner, play dough, IT, games, construction activities and jigsaws.

Parents endorse the effectiveness of the club, referencing the provision of a nutritious breakfast and the knowledge that their child or children are safe and looked after. The club, which consistently attracts a high number of daily users, was specifically referenced as ‘outstanding’ in the school’s 2009 Estyn report on extra-curricular activities, led by an outstanding team of learning support assistants.


Scotland Breakfast Club Plus Award winners

Winner: St Brigid’s Primary Breakfast Club – Newmains, North Lanarkshire
Runner Up: Islay High Breakfast Club – Islay High School, Isle of Islay
Runner Up: The Morning Club – St Andrew’s Church Hall, Bo’Ness, Falkirk
Highly Commended: Breakfast Buddies – Chapelhall & St Aloysius Primary Schools, Airdrie

Winner – St Brigid’s Primary Breakfast Club – Newmains, North Lanarkshire

St Brigid’s proudly boasts that its breakfast club caters for between 40 and 50 per cent of the schools pupil population every day. This high take-up by pupils and families has grown from the headteacher’s initial concern regarding the effect that high levels of pupil lateness were having on the school. Often pupils arriving without breakfast would become sickly and lack energy and concentration in their lessons.

With the support of North Lanarkshire Council and in line with the school being a ‘Gold Health Promoting School’, the club started in December 2008 and has never looked back. Supervised and run jointly by Mrs Poole and the catering manager Mrs O’Neil, the club encourages and supports an excellent ethos and happy atmosphere. Pupils, in particular P7 ‘Buddies’ help supervise other children, encourage them to eat healthily and clear away their dishes, and teach them to engage with the activities available at the club.

Staff have clearly noticed and commented that pupils arrive in class with full stomachs, satisfied and ready to learn with improved concentration, and in May 2009 the school’s HMIe inspection endorsed the excellent work of the clubs and its benefit to the community.

The club is looking to invest their prize money in providing a high tech smart board and projector for the school hall, where the breakfast club is held, in order to provide additional activities and entertainment for those who attend the breakfast club.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Breakfast Club Plus Award winners

Winner: Erbington Primary School, Londonderry
Runner Up: St Anne’s Primary School, Derry
Highly Commended: Drumahoe Breakfast Club – Drumahoe Primary School, Londonderry
Highly Commended: Beechlawn Breakfast Club – Beechlawn Special School, Hillsbrough, County Down

Winner – Erbington Primary School, Londonderry

Funded through the Northern Ireland Extended Schools Programme, the club serves children who live in the most deprived and disadvantaged parts of Londonderry. The funding received allows the club the opportunity to offer a subsidised and affordable charge for breakfast, but the school is well aware that it has to plan to be sustainable and therefore regularly carries out feedback from pupils and parents regarding its service.

The school breakfast club has been in existence for three years and has steadily evolved into a focal point for all elements of the school community. Attendance has increased year on year and at present about 70 pupils, teachers, parents and some governors contribute and share in the Ebrington Breakfast Club experience each day.

The club’s menu has been designed to high nutritional standards but where possible the children’s recommendations have been included, for example, boiled eggs, pancakes and yoghurts! Membership allows children ownership of the club and they play their part in suggesting new activities, rules and themes to explore, such as the very popular Get Up Get Active! The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere means no-one feels excluded and the service it provides benefits not only the school but the whole community, adding to their commitment of being a health promoting school.

St Ebrington’s Breakfast Club provides real quality time for families to start the day in a positive way. The highlight of the year has been the club’s Mother’s Day Morning, with approximately 250 children, mothers, grannies and aunties coming along to experience a very special breakfast.

The club intends to spend its prize on purchasing books to support the informal learning at the club, especially some for the older pupils, as well as a digital camera in order to record and make a short film of the club, noting the children’s experiences and achievements.


Breakfast Club Plus Champion award winner

Winner: St Bernadette’s Breakfast Service – St Bernadette’s Primary School, Motherwell – Mary Main
Runner Up: Hearsall Wraparound Club, Coventry – Sarah Pittaway
Highly Commended: Bidbury Junior School Breakfast Club, Bedhampton, Hampshire – Mrs D Sharp

Winner – Mrs Mary Main – St Bernadette’s Primary School, Motherwell

Mary Main is an additional support needs assistant at St Bernadette’s Primary School in Motherwell, but it’s for her voluntary role in supporting the schools breakfast service that pupils, parents and colleagues are unanimous in recognising her as a true champion of breakfast clubs!
We’re assured that Mary would not object to being seen as one of the more senior members of the school staff; this, however, does not stop her from turning up day in day out, regardless of the weather, before any children arrive for their breakfast and supporting those who provide the nutritious breakfast by planning, organising and partaking in the many activities that the club offers.

The most glowing comments about Mary come from the children themselves:

  • ‘She sets up the skipping before breakfast.’
  • ‘She encourages everyone to be fit!’
  • ‘She buys prizes and colouring books so that we can have raffles and buy new board games.’
  • She helps to serve breakfasts.’
  • ‘She’s funny and laughs a lot.’
  • ‘She’s very kind; if you spill something she doesn’t get cross and helps you clean up.’
  • ‘If you forget your money she lets you pay the next day.’

This evidence that shows the invaluable part that Mary plays in her role and the part that the breakfast club plays in the community of North Motherwell. She is loved by the children and helps make sure that they are given an ideal start to their day.

The school felt that it would be fitting for an unassuming person such as Mary Main to be the recipient of the Breakfast Club Plus Champion award as she so clearly epitomises what breakfast clubs are all about and regards what she does as a pleasure rather than a chore, gladly giving up much of what she has for the children whom she cares for.

Local authority

Winner: North Lanarkshire Council

Winner – North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council first included the provision of a breakfast service in 1999, which was rolled out from 2004 as part of a multi-agency response to the health improvement agenda in Scotland. It was included within the council’s Joint Health Improvement Plan, developed and agreed between the council, NHS Lanarkshire and other partners, with implementation approved by the council’s Education Committee.

The programme was developed so that before the start of school children can have a healthy and nutritious start to the day, which fuels them to face the challenges ahead, helping them to be more awake, alert, and ready to learn. At the same time, the children can mix with their friends in a safe and welcoming environment.

Under the banner of ‘Hungry for Breakfast’, and managed and co-ordinated in partnership by the council’s Learning and Leisure Services and Catering Service, the strategic programme now centrally supports and serves breakfast in 81 primary schools. In addition, a further five primary, 24 secondary and four secondary SEN schools run school-managed services (in total 57 per cent of all primary schools, 100 per cent of secondaries and 36 per cent of SEN schools run breakfast clubs – well above the national average).

Breakfast is served between 8am and 8.50am each school day morning. On arrival, a breakfast supervisor welcomes pupils, helps them to register and gives them a bright, positive start to the day. Catering staff, having prepared and chilled everything in advance, are on hand to help each child have a healthy breakfast from a choice of cereals, milk, fruit juice and toast, all of which meet the standards laid down in the Scottish Government’s ‘Nutritional Standards in Schools’.

Children in the schools currently pay £0.20 or £0.60 per day towards the £0.90 food costs. The balance of the food costs and the cost of supervision is met from funds from sources available to schools and communities in Scotland, including the New Community Schools Rollout Programme, the Health Improvement Fund and the Fairer Scotland Fund.

The club supervisor is funded by Learning & Leisure Services to oversee the safety and well-being of the children, to engage them in conversation, and to offer them a range of activities both before and after the food service. Clubs offer a range of activities for children to enjoy – a spark of fun before they go to class to engage in the formal learning process. Activities vary with each service and include physical activities and exercise, activities designed to stimulate thinking, art activities, and table top games, as well as other more leisurely pursuits. These activities are planned and managed by the headteacher and the breakfast supervisor and vary from school to school.
Children and young people also use the club as an opportunity to catch up with friends or to plan for the day ahead. Some have fun sitting with family members; others enjoy interacting with their peers. They are able to experience breakfast time as a social occasion and as an opportunity to benefit from the company of others.

The North Lanarkshire Breakfast Services Programme is designed with children, young people and parents in mind. It offers children a healthy and fun way of starting the school day, while granting parents peace of mind, knowing that their children have a healthy breakfast and are well looked after in a safe, welcoming environment, while easing the burden of a sometimes hectic morning schedule.

Pupils say

  • ‘I would never miss coming. I come every single morning.’
  • ‘It’s great to have breakfast and chat with your pals.’
  • ‘I love coming here before school. Everyone is so nice.’
  • ‘I’m glad we can come in for breakfast. I think it’s the best.’

Parents say

  • ‘He won’t eat breakfast in the house but eats it no problem at school.’
  • ‘She’s up and away early every morning. What a change!’
  • ‘This has been one of the best things to happen in our school.’
  • ‘The kids get a good breakfast to start the day.’

What the teachers say

  • ‘I think this is a great thing in the morning; the children are more relaxed when they come in.’
  • ‘Time-keeping has really improved since we started offering breakfast in the morning.’
  • ‘The children arrive in my class more relaxed and ready to learn.’

The strategy and delivery of a co-ordinated breakfast service has support from a wide range of agencies, departments of the council and other services. In addition, working partnerships have been developed with the Milk Marketing Board, local radio stations, Active Schools Co-ordinators and the Road Safety team.

Elected members and political leaders have also taken a proactive interest at all stages of the process and continue to demonstrate their support for a valuable service.

A range of personnel are crucial to the implementation and delivery of the strategy.

  • Locally, headteachers and individual supervisors play a highly significant part in the success of each club. Their enthusiasm, vision and commitment are highly valued. As the breakfast club becomes an integral part of what the school offers for its children, its success grows.
  • Centrally, the local authority has appointed a Breakfast Co-ordinator, who ensures the quality of delivery by catering services and also liaises with individual schools to support them to establish their service. They also offer advice and support to help develop and improve their service.
  • The Integration Manager, part of Learning & Leisure Services, supports budgeting and personnel issues, as well as monitoring the service provision and reporting to senior officers and elected members.
  • The Co-ordinator and Integration Manager work closely with headteachers and supervisors to ensure the provision of a quality service.
  • The council’s Social Work team also places a high value on the breakfast service provision and financially supports a number of very vulnerable families with children to attend their local service as an alternative to a care worker going into the home on a daily basis to prepare the children for school.

Moving forward, as part of sustainability plans, the council is currently piloting several alternative models of service within five primary schools. Each of these varies depending upon local circumstances and resources, but each must meet the following criteria:

  • There should be a demonstrable demand from parents for the service.
  • Those responsible for the service should be able to show that it can be self-financing and sustainable.
  • Those managing the service should be able to demonstrate that they are able to comply with appropriate health and safety regulations – including food safety and the supervision of pupils, and so on.

This development is in its early stages and is being closely monitored and evaluated – both for the quality of provision and for sustainability. This is a key action in the on-going action plan of the Hungry for Breakfast programme.

Background to the awards

Breakfast Club Plus, the partnership between learning charity ContinYou and Kellogg’s, has offered over £15,000 worth of cash prizes to the best breakfast clubs in the UK in 2010.

The Breakfast Club Plus awards aim to recognise and reward the UK’s best breakfast clubs and highlight the unsung heroes who help ensure that thousands of children and young people and some adults across the country get the best possible start to their day.

In 2010, we have been looking for:

  • The best breakfast club in each UK country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • The local authority who has done the most to support and develop breakfast clubs
  • A breakfast club champion who epitomises what breakfast clubs are all about. 

And this year there have been many more opportunities for your breakfast club to win cash prizes. The winners of each of the four country-wide awards will receive £1,500; the runner up club will receive £750 and 5 highly commended clubs will receive £200 each.

Our breakfast club champion will receive £2,000 to spend on their breakfast club, with the runner up receiving £500. And our local authority award winners will receive a certificate and a year’s supply of breakfast cereal for 10 clubs. Additionally, clubs in each category who reached the final stage of judging will receive a ‘finalist’ certificate to recognize their valued application.

If you have any further enquiries about the awards, or about Breakfast Club Plus, email us at, or telephone us at 024 7658 8440.

In association with Kellogg’s ContinYou has run a national Breakfast Club Plus Award scheme since 1998. Award winners have helped inform national research and policy development. These awards are one way we can celebrate the achievements and benefits of breakfast clubs and we hope the winners offer inspiration to others.

Breakfast Club Plus Awards 2009


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