About us

ContinYou is an educational charity that began in the early ninety’s with the aim of helping and promoting educational values within the young ones especially the less privileged children that has the zeal to learn but cannot afford it. We are currently one of the leading education charities in the UK because of our relentless efforts and passion to make sure that our organization makes noticeable changes in the life of these less privileged young ones. We partner with many other charity organizations across the country to carry out large educational projects within and outside the country to ensure that educational equality is achieved for young children and youths.

ContinYou believes that every child no matter his or her family background and income deserves to succeed in life no matter what profession he or she chooses. So, in other words, we aspire only to ensure that child achieves his dreams without much hindrance. Our educational support programs across the country over the years have helped a lot of children to aspire and dream of better futures for themselves. Children who may have given up hope on furthering their educations or even not acquiring proper education at all are given hope, support and inspiration by our support programs in order to attain their goals and dreams in life.

Apart from the funding opportunities that ContinYou offer, we also give out useful educational materials to both students and teachers as we move across the country. These educational materials could range from school textbooks, educational booklets and much more that could offer useful information for young students within their different preferred subjects. These school materials we sometimes give out could be a form of support or gifts for excellent students as we believe that every good student deserves a reward no matter how little.

Our organization offer different support programs which operate under certain principles which include;

  • Working in a coordinated partnership with young people in order to achieve the maximum result for our programs. Reaching out to as many less privileged ones as we can across the country is one of the most important goals of our programs.
  • Introducing and funding important projects that will be beneficial to economically disadvantaged young people between the ages of 3 to 17. These projects could be based on both educational or entrepreneur training rather anything that will prove useful to the young children.
  • Focusing on teachers and schools goals and objectives in order to ensure that both our organization’s goals and their work hand in hand which will make it very easy to give the children the best we can.
  • Focusing on very important school subjects that will help in the development of both academic intelligence and interpersonal skills. We support the development of personal skills of a child a lot because it is a way of identifying the true talent he or she possesses.

All our work and projects are aimed at funding the most important educational stage of a child’s life in order to give him or her chance to live better regardless of all odds.

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