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About Breakfast Club Plus

Breakfast Club Plus is a programme run by ContinYou and funded by Kellogg’s, designed to support the development of breakfast clubs across the UK. It was established in response to a successful pilot project in 1998.

Since 1998 Breakfast Club Plus has:

  • run a number of national Breakfast Club Award schemes (over £200K has been granted to clubs to date)
  • conducted research into breakfast club provision
  • developed a training programme for local authorities, Local Strategic Partnerships and schools
  • produced clear and accessible guides and resources for breakfast club staff
  • set up the only UK website dedicated to supporting breakfast club development
  • run a number of pilot initiatives to test new ideas, such as singing breakfast clubs and breakfast reading clubs.

Kellogg’s support

Since 1998, Kellogg’s has invested more than £1 million in helping ContinYou to develop and support breakfast club initiatives nationwide through the Breakfast Club Plus programme.

These initiatives have included:

  • start-up grants for new clubs
  • the Breakfast Club Plus website
  • the Kellogg’s National Breakfast Club Awards
  • the Breakfast Movers Essential Guide.

Together, Kellogg’s and ContinYou have helped to set up hundreds of breakfast clubs across the UK, that serve well over 500,000 breakfasts every year.

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