4 Creative Programmes Used by Teachers and Students in and Outside the Classroom

There is no question about the influence of technology in the classroom. When we look in retrospect, at how far technology has shaped academia over the past decade, we cannot help but feel blown away by the difference it has made.

There is almost an iOS or Android app for every creative activity in the classroom. From apps that help students create their own game style show to those that help them make personalised greeting cards.

Are you an educator looking to bring some fun to learning- both indoors and outdoors? The following apps should ease you through a typical creative academic period.


Are you concerned about how your students follow up with lessons after class? The Educreations app is a nifty program that can resolve this. This simple app allows you to create instructional videos for viewing both in and out of class.

Educators can annotate, animate and narrate content on various subjects to be shared within the class. You can even invite students to participate, interact and share what they understand in the tutorials to help other students. It is a great tool for post-class revision.


There are times the class can feel slow; boring lessons are not only bad for learning, it can demotivate the teacher as well. One app that has been designed to take boredom out of any classroom is Kahoot. It can transform a subject into an interesting game for the whole class.

By simply entering the study questions and answers into the app, a teacher can create their style of game show that can be played instantly. You can also add pictures, videos and diagrams to boost the experience. However, it isn’t just a play app, as many educators have found it useful in teaching their students certain difficult subjects.


During holidays such as Easter and Christmas, or events like Mother’s Day celebrations, you will want to get your class to design beautiful greeting cards. Movavi is the app that enhances design for the students to develop their own creative style.

From colourful backgrounds to snazzy patterns, the Movavi app is every budding creative’s best friend. Especially, if you want to make your own birthday card or postcards. What’s more, it doesn’t dumb down the creativity because it is 100% hands on. If you want something that will keep your students creatively involved, try working with Movavi.


Have your students begun working on bigger projects? Animoto is a digital storytelling app that allows them to create their own videos. This makes them the star of their own performance. They can decide to select a theme, add images, video, music and text, as well as share the content with the entire class.

Research has shown that when students are involved in these fun activities, they learn quicker and adapt easily to educative projects. For example, school plays and presentations can be capture effectively on the Animoto app.

If you are an educator looking for fun ways to interact with your students via digital technology, these programs present some amazing examples. Download some today and see how better you perform.