£250,000 for music scheme that’s hitting the right notes

£250,000 for music scheme that’s hitting the right notes

Education Minister for Wales, Leighton Andrews, today announced £250,000 of funding to extend an innovative project to promote singing in schools for another year.

The CânSing programme was introduced in 2009 to help school children find their voice and take up singing, both as part of activities within the school curriculum as well as out of lesson time. The programme has provided training, support and guidance on the promotion and benefit of singing to over 500 schools in Wales, with a further 140 schools to be engaged by March 2012.
The programme has been positively received in schools and an independent evaluation found it promoted confidence and motivation in both teachers delivering the activities and the children and young people who took part.

Schools also found that literacy and language skills had improved as a result of the programme and that it had succeeded in engaging boys, who are sometimes reluctant to participate in such activities, and children and young people with special educational needs.

The CânSing website is also proving very popular with schools, receiving on average over 15,000 unique hits per month.

The new funding will enable a further programme of support to be delivered to over 250 schools until March 2013.

Mr Andrews said: ‘An important part of the educational experience for children and young people is gaining confidence. Through the CânSing programme we hope to motivate and involve children and the wider community with school life and enhance their experience.

‘I am pleased it is having a positive impact in schools. Improving literacy skills is one of my main priorities as Education Minister, so I am encouraged by findings which show the scheme is improving literacy levels in participants.

‘The funding I have announced today will allow the programme to continue for another year, ensuring that more schools and pupils can carry on enjoying its many benefits.’

The programme is delivered by the charity ContinYou Cymru, in partnership with local authorities. It is aimed principally at pupils in Years 5, 6 and 7.

Suzanne Barnes, CânSing Project Manager said: ‘We are delighted that the Education Minister has recognised the achievements of CânSing to date and has agreed to support the programme for another year. We have been very encouraged by the praise the programme has received and it is great news that many more pupils will now be able to benefit from this.’

For more information visit www.cansing.org.uk.

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